Sarawak Tuition Jobs

Home Tuition
Contact Person: Annie Lee
State/Area: Sarawak, Kuching, Jalan Lapangan Terbang
Student’s race & gender: Chinese female
School Name: Tunku Putra International School
Level/Subject: Year 11, IGCSE Science
Tuition day & time: weekdays, after 5pm
Duration/Class: 2 hours
Classes/week: once a week
Tutor’s race & gender: female, Chinese
Budget rate per hour: RM60 per hour

Home Tuition
Contact Person: Catherine Asong
State/Area: Sarawak, Kuching, Tmn Yen Yen, Jln Matang
Short Term/Long Term: Long Term
Exam Month: August 2018
Student’s Race & Gender: Malay / female
School Name: Sk Petra Jaya
Level: Std 6
Syllabus: UPSR
Subject: BM
Tuition Day & Time: Saturday / 9am
Duration/Class: 2hours
Classes/Week: Once
Tutor’s Race & Gender: Malay / Female
Rate per hour: RM30 per hour

Home Tuition or Group Tuition not more than 5
Contact Person: Kim
State/Area: Sarawak, Kuching, Jln dogan
Student’s race & gender: Chinese female
School Name: Chung Hua Batu 4 1/2
Level: Primary 3 for next yr
Subject: BC
Tuition day & time: Thursday 2-4pm or 3-5pm
Duration/Class: 2 hours
Classes/week: 1
Tutor’s race & gender: female Chinese
Budget rate per hour: RM25

Home tuition
State/Area: Sarawak, Kuching, Batu Laws, Lorong 28A 6F RPR
Student’s race & gender: Iban & female
School Name: Sk Garland
Level: 5
Subject: Maths
Tuition day & time: Friday & 3pm
Duration/Class: 1 hour
Classes/week: once
Tutor’s race & gender: any race as long as can speak BM or English
Budget rate per hour: RM30

Home Tuition
Contact Person: Gilbert Bong
State/Area: Sarawak, Kuching, Green Road area
School name: SMK Green Road
Level: Upper 6
Syllabus: STPM
Subject: Chemistry
Tuition day & time: prefer weekdays after 2pm
Duration per class: 2 hours
Class per week: 2
Rate: RM55-65 per hour

Home Tuition
Contact Person: John
State/Area: Sarawak, Kuching, Semaba Park, Jalan Semaba
Student’s race & gender: Chinese female
School Name: SJKC
Level/Subject: Std 4 BM
Tuition day & time: Sunday 9-11am
Duration/Class: 2 hours
Classes/week: 1
Tutor’s race & gender: Chinese
Budget Rate per hour: RM25

Home Tuition
Contact Person: Liza
State/Area: Sarawak, Kuching, Tmn Moyan Jaya 2, Jln Batu Kawa-Matang
Student’s race & gender: Malay + Bidayuh, Female
School Name: SJK Chung Hua No.6
Level: Primary 1
Syllabus: follow text/exercise book (cover topics/units for final exam)
Subject: Bahasa Cina (BC) & Math
Tuition day & time:
BC: 8am-9.30am,
Math: 9.30am-11am
BC: 2pm-3.30pm
Math: 3.30pm-5pm
BC: 3pm-4.30pm
Math: 4.30pm-6pm
Duration/Class: 1.5hr/class
BC: 3 classes/week
Math: 3 classes/week
Tutor’s race & gender: Chinese/Female
Other requirements:
Preferable tutor with teaching experience. Communicate/teach fully in Mandarin language because wanted to improve my daughter’s speaking, writing, reading & understanding skills. Also guide to do the homework
Budget rate per hour: RM25/hr