Sabah Tuition Jobs

Home Tuition
Contact Person: Mei
State/Area: Sabah, KK, Damai, Tmn Seri Rasa
Student’s race & gender: Chinese female
School Name: St Francis Convent
Level/Subject: Form 3/ Maths
Tuition day & time: Fri & 9am or 7.30pm
Duration/Class: 1.5 hours
Classes/week: once a week
Tutor’s race & gender: any, as long good in explanation in English to teach maths
Rate per hour: RM50

Home Tuition
Contact Person: Ms Amrit Kler
State/Area: Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, Likas, next to Shan Tao high school
Short term/Long term: Long Term
Student’s race & gender: Indian male
Level: Standard 2
Syllabus: national syllabus
Subject: BM, BI, Math & Science
Tuition day & time: Any weekdays, 9am-11am
Duration/Class: 1.5 hours
Classes/week: 2-3
Tutor’s race & gender: any
Other requirements: Start in Jan 2018
Rate per hour: RM30-35

Home Tuition
Contact Person: Jina Jung
State/Area: Sabah, KK, Grace Garden Sembulan
Student’s race & gender: Korean girl
School Name: Hong Kong international school in HK
Level: Year 9 ( Biology Honour class)
Syllabus: SAT
Subject: Biology
Tuition day & time: 13th of Dec to 6th of Jan 3weeks
Tutor’s race & gender: any
Other requirements: high standards English and high qualification
Budget rate per hour: RM50 to RM70

Home Tuition
Contact Person: Zuraidah
State/Area: Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, Blok Orkid, Kuarters Polis Kepayan
Student’s race & gender: Bajau Islam
School Name: Tadika
Level: Tadika
Subject: English
Tuition day & time:weekday / 4.00 – 5.00
Duration/Class: 1 hour
Classes/week: 1 class per week
Tutor’s race & gender: female malaysian
Other requirements: Muslim
Budget rate per hour: RM20