Perak Tuition Jobs

Home Tuition
Contact Person: Dr. Wanitha
State/Area: Perak, Ipoh, Tmn Meru Mutiara
Student’s race & gender: Punjabi male
School Name: KYUEM
Level: Year 11
Subject: Phy & Bio
Syllabus: IGCSE A level
Tuition day & time: Weekend
Duration/Class: 2 hours per class
Classes/week: once per subject
Tutor’s race & gender: any
Budget Rate per hour: RM90

Home Tuition
Contact Person: Shariza
State/Area: Perak, Ipoh, Taman Golf
Student’s race & Gender: Malay/ Male
School Name: Smk St Michael
Level/Subject: Form 5 Physics
Tuition Day & Time: weekdays evening
Duration/Class: 1.5 Hour
Classes/Week: Once
Tutor’s Race & Gender: Male
Other requirements: school teacher will be an advantage/ must be very good in physics
Rate per hour: RM50

Home Tuition
State/Area: Perak, Ipoh, Bercham
Student’s race: Indian student
Level: Std 6
Subject: English
Syllabus: KSSR/UPSR
Tuition day & time: Monday 6-7.30pm
Duration: 1.5hrs
Class per week: 1
Tutor’s race & gender: Indian female
Remarks: Preferred SK school teacher or KSSR experienced tutor
Rate RM35 per hour

Home Tuition
State/Area: Perak, Menglembu
Student’s age: 6 years old
Subject: Basic Mandarin
Tuition day & time: Wednesday 2pm
Duration/Class: 1.5 hrs
Classes/week: 1
Tutor’s race & gender: Chinese
Budget rate per hour: RM35