Negeri Sembilan Tuition Jobs

Home Tuition
Contact Person: Safoorah
State/Area: N.Sembilan, Seremban, S2, Green Street Homes
Short term/Long term: Long term
Student’s race & gender: female
School Name: SMK
Level: Form 2
Syllabus: PT3
Subject: Math
Tuition day & time: during school holiday any weekdays, anytime;
After school start, prefer any week day after 6pm
Duration/Class: 2 hours
Classes/week: 1
Tutor’s race & gender: Malay or Chinese female
Budget rate per hour: RM40/hr

Home Tuition
Contact Person: Tasshyea
State/Area: N. Sembilan, Seremban, Persiaran Rasah Kemayan 2
Student’s race & gender: Malay female
School Name: Matrix International School
Level: Year 11
Subject: Math & Phy
Syllabus: IGCSE
Tuition day & time: Tuesday 4-6pm
Duration/Class: 2 hrs
Classes/week: once
Tutor’s race & gender: female
Budget Rate per hour: less than RM55

Home Tuition
Contact Person: Sonia Tan
State/Area: N. Sembilan, Nilai, Desa Melati
Student’s race: Chinese mix indian gender: female
School Name: SJKC
Level: Standard 2
Subjects: BC & Mathematics
Tuition day & time: Monday to Friday anytime 3-7.30pm.
Duration/Class: 1.5 hours
Classes/week: 3
Tutor’s race & any race can gender: female
Budget rate per hour: RM30

Home Tuition (1 to 2 students)
Contact Person: Carmen
State/Area: N. Sembilan, Seremban, Ulu Temiang
Student’s race & gender: 2 Chinese Siblings
School Name: Home schooled
Level: Grade 9
Syllabus: IGSE
Subject: Math
Tuition day & time: Sat 4-6pm
Duration/Class: 2 hours
Classes/week: once
Tutor’s race & gender: for tutors who can converse on mandarin only
Budget rate per hour: RM50-60