Penang Group Tuition

Tutor: Ms Benny, T1893
Location: Penang, Bukit Mertajam
Level/Subject: Primary school BM and BC
Timetable: Thursday until Saturday night
Duration per class: 2.5
Class per week: Once
Monthly fees: RM100
Class Size: 3-5 students

Tutor: Cheryl Lim Xiu Mei, T0848
Tuition Center
Location: (Penang/Bukit Mertajam/Jalan Betik, Sungai Rambai)
Level/Subject: Standard 1~6 All main subjects (BM,BI,BC,Maths,Science, Mandarin vocabulary tuition)
Timetable: Monday~Friday 4pm~6pm; Saturday 9am~12pm
Duration per class: 2 hours
Monthly fees: RM 296
Class Size: 9 students per class
Remarks(if have any):
1. Our tuition service is suitable for Chinese primary school (sjkc).
2. We use creative teaching method and step by step teaching method without spoon feed students. We teach students based on their progress and level.
3. Our tutors are school teachers. They are professional, strict and have good communication skills with children.

Tutor: Cathlyn, T1056
Location: Penang, Farlim Ayer Itam.
Level : primary and lower secondary. (BM and BI)
Timetable : Mon, Wed and Fri night 8pm – 9.30pm
Duration : 1.5 hours.
Monthly fees : RM100 per subject RM150 for 2 subjects.
Class size: up to max 5 per session.

Tutor: Ms Liw, T1934
Location: Butterworth, Inderawasih
Level/Subject: all subjects + check homework
Timetable: morning 9-11am,
Duration per class: 2 hours
Monthly fees: RM300
Class Size: 5 students
Remarks(if have any): will make it one to one teaching too due to difference level of students with a few teachers aid.
Transport is provided with extra charges

Tutor: Tan Shia Chain, T0065
Location: Penang/ Asia Height
Subject: Primary 1-6
Std 1 (5-6.30pm)
(Mon)Science And Math
(Tues) English
(Wed) Bahasa Cina
(Thurs) Bahasa Melayu
Std 2-3 (8-9.30pm)
(Mon) Science And Math
(Tues) English
(Thurs) Bahasa Melayu
(Fri) Bahasa Cina
Std 4-6(6.30-8pm)
(Mon) Science
(Tues) Math
(Wed) Bahasa Melayu
(Thurs) Bahasa Cina
(Fri) English
Monthly Fees: Std 1-3 (Rm170)
Std 4-6 (Rm200)
Class Size: 5-6 Students Per Class

Tutor: Adeline Yeoh, T1351
Location: Butterworth / Seberang Jaya
Level/Subject: Form 4& Form 5 / Math /Add Math/Biology/Physics /Chemistry
Timetable: Weekday / 8 p.m.
Monthly fees: RM230
Class Size: 5
Duration: 1.5 hrs per week, 4 weeks per month

Tutor: Chia Jiun Yee, T1565
Location : Penang, Bukit Mertajam, Juru, Taman Sentul Jaya
Class size : 5 students
Level / Subject :
• Std 1 all subjects (BC, BM, English, Maths & Science)
Timetable : Monday, Tuesday and Friday 8.30am – 10.30am
Monthly fees : RM220
• Std 2 all subjects (BC, BM, English, Maths & Science)
Timetable : Monday 8pm – 10pm ; Wednesday and Thursday 8.30am – 10.30am
Monthly fees : RM230
• Std 3 all subjects (BC, BM, English, Maths & Science)
Timetable : Monday, Tuesday and Friday 10am – 12pm
Monthly fees : RM230
• Std 4: BC, Maths & Science
Timetable : Monday and Friday 3pm – 5pm
Monthly fees : RM240
• Std 6: BC
Timetable : Sunday 3pm – 5pm
Monthly fees : RM 180