General Quetions

Yes, registration or signup is completely free for all tutors and students.

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Name: Loh Yee Ping

Email to: [email protected]

Help for Students

There are 3 methods to post your request.
– Simply fill up the form at our request a tutor page
– Email to [email protected]
– Call/SMS us at 016-5550771/012-5100580

We will call you to verify and confirm your request details before short listing tutors for you.

No, our matching service is totally free for students or parents. We will only charge referral fee from the tutor.

You can choose the tuition location as well as the time. It can be anywhere to your convenience like your house, office, hostel etc.

The choice is yours. It can be 1-to-1 tuition or group tuition.

No. This service is FREE for you. We only charge the tutors for administration fees.

Upon receiving your request, we will call you within 24 hours to confirm your request details. Normally the shortlisted tutors will contact you around 48 hours or less to discuss the details, such as schedule, rate, appointment etc.

Yes. If you are not satisfied with the tutor, you can change the tutor without any charges. However, you need to pay the tuition fees for all tuition sessions given by the tutor unless the tutor agreed to provide free trial classes.

This is highly dependent on your search criteria for a tutor and would different from individual to individual. You may refer to our tuition rate page. Of course, it is just a guide and is subjected to changes.

The timetable can be flexible as per your requirements and is negotiable with the tutor.

Replacement class can be made with prior notice and discussion with the tuition teacher. Tuition Fees will not be charged for the missing class.

No. Home Tuition World does not employ any tutor. We only provide matching service. Thus, we are not responsible for any misconduct by the tutors.

Experienced educators, lecturers, professional tutors, scholarship holders, high achievers and top scorers. The tutors are short-listed from the thousands applications we receive each month. You can request from us for a detailed tutor profile of the tutor before the 1st lesson.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Help for Tutors

No. Registration is totally free. You wouldn’t be charged a single cent until you accept our tuition offer.

The student’s house. You can choose the area you prefer during your registration process. However, if you conduct group tuitions at your house, we can help you to find students to join your class too.

You can choose the teaching subject during the registration process. For example, if you prefer to teach UPSR BI, you can select it in the registration form. We will only arrange students who need tutors for UPSR BI for you.

It’s flexible. You can choose the tuition time during your registration process. For example, if you are only free on weekends, then we will only arrange students for you during the weekends.

This is a 1-to-1 tuition. Normally you only have to teach one student. However, sometimes we will offer some group tuition from tuition centre.

Yes. We only charge first 2 weeks’ tuition fees as minimum commission for long term class. We will not charge any commission for the subsequent weeks or months. ( eg: If monthly tuition fees is RM300, the commission fees is RM150 )

We accept bank-in ,transfer via ATM or Maybank2u.

The parents pay directly to you except for the tuition fees for first two weeks of your class. They would normally pay at the end of every month after finishing the class.

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No. Home Tuition World is only providing tuition matching services and is not responsible for the services provided by tutors. Each tutor is solely responsible to pay all taxes on income earned, and all other issues and responsibilities related to tutoring.

No. You are responsible to prepare the notes, text book, and all the teaching materials just as professional tutors would. You can claim the exercise book’s money from the parents if they agree.

Tutors will be contacted by phone, Whatssap/LINE, SMS and/or email for job assignments. However, the Tutors are encouraged to browse through tutoring jobs in www.hometuitionworld.com/tuition-jobs/ and our Facebook page.

Tuition Rates

Please note that the above fee guidelines are to be used only as a rough gauge of the market rate. Individual tutors may charge significantly above or below the market rate base on the following factors:

• Tutors’ Years of Experience
• Location
• Other Factors

Average Hourly Rate
Hourly Rate 1 lesson per week
1.5 hour each lesson
1 lesson per week
2.0 hours each lesson
2 lesson per week
1.5 hour each lesson
2 lesson per week
2.0 hours each lesson
Standard 1 – 3 RM 35 per hour RM 210 per month RM 280 per month RM 420 per month RM 560 per month
Standard 4 – 6 RM 40 per hour RM 240 per month RM 320 per month RM 480 per month RM 640 per month
Form 1 – 3 RM 45 per hour RM 270 per month RM 360 per month RM 540 per month RM 720 per month
Form 4 – 5 RM 55 per hour RM 330 per month RM 440 per month RM 660 per month RM 880 per month
SPM/ IGCSE/ O Level RM 70 per hour RM 420 per month RM 560 per month RM 840 per month RM 1120 per month
Pre-U/ A Level/ Adult RM 80-100 per hour RM 480-600 per month RM RM 640-800 per month RM RM 960-1200 per month RM RM 1280-1600 per month
Diploma/ Degree RM 100-120 per hour RM 600-720 per month RM RM 800-960 per month RM RM 1200-1440 per month RM RM 1600-1920 per month

Monthly fee are based on 4 weeks calculation.